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Our Mission Statement: “To be the global leader in the drive towards a sustainable future by delivering a total waste to energy solution for the betterment of the environment, society and communities, whilst supporting autism charities and those affected by autism.”


Innovative Power Generation Ltd (IPG) has developed an innovative Waste to Energy and Off-Grid renewable energy solution via our proprietary MicroGrid. We also specialize in EV charging as part of our Grow To Go EV Community Eco Centre Network. Everything we do is for the betterment of communities, charities, the climate, the environment, and the economy. We are perfectly positioned to be a central provider of Carbon reducing and climate improvement facilities as per the UK Government’s 10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. We are expanding globally into international markets, beginning with Asia and Europe. 

Our unique offerings, in partnership with our collaborative parties, are our bespoke, patented, and proprietary MicroGrids and Grow To Go EV hubs which are designed as total Waste to Energy solutions. These are community-based systems that:  

  1. Will minimise or eliminate both waste hauling and food import/transport. 

  2. Will generate a commercially valuable digestate that will contribute to the company’s gross revenues. 

  3. Will convert various appropriate wastes, reducing landfill needs, protecting the environment, reducing CO2 emissions, and improving communities. 

  4. Will provide clean, renewable energy in a bespoke, scalable off-grid solution. 

  5. Will provide a unique transport deliverable EcoTainer, which will provide gas to power communities in a clean environmental way. 

  6. Will provide a network of fast EV charge points, thus limiting range anxiety. 

  7. Will support the local community, by driving employment, engendering community spirit, driving revenue at community level and assisting the environment at local level. 


Central to our company ethos is to support autism and those affected by autism. Our corporate responsibility programme includes donating 10% of our annual profit to autism charities and initiatives.

Working with YOU to Achieve Alternative ENERGY Solutions


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