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Grow To Go EV ECO Centre as a Service System


Innovative Power Generation Ltd (IPG) has put together a unique system for the health and wellbeing of local communities, with the world’s first Grow To Go EV ECO Centre.


IPG will enter into contracts with local councils, villages, hospitals, schools, universities and commercial enterprises to build, sell, own and operate a Grow To Go EV ECO Centre in each area.


Each Grow To Go EV ECO Centre will then be included in the Grow To Go EV ECO Network.


This will help the local community and council areas to attract service users who are also members of the Grow To Go EV ECO Network to that area.


This will lead to additional investment in the Grow To Go EV ECO Centre facilities and in the local community.


The Grow to Go EV ECO Centre will facilitate and support the uptake of EV adoption in the local areas at a faster pace due to the removal of ‘EV Charge Anxiety’.


In addition, councils would reduce their Food Waste collection commitments in the local areas as the Grow to Go EV ECO Centre will be used as a food waste collection point for the whole community.


Another benefit for the local councils is the ability for the Grow to Go EV ECO Centre to provide services to the community which include, but are not limited to:


  1. Food Waste Recycling

  2. Green Energy Education Opportunities for Schools, Nurseries, etc.

  3. Children’s Day-care

  4. Health Club Facilities

  5. Organic Food Growing Area

  6. EV Fast Charging

  7. Autism Spectrum Help Centre

  8. Fruit Juice Bar & Restaurant

  9. Local Meeting Area for Families & Friends

  10. EV Car Club for Members

  11. Community EV Bus Service

It is Innovative Power Generation Ltd.’s (IPG) plan to build a network of the Grow to Go EV ECO Centres throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.


These individual Grow to Go EV ECO Centres will benefit each of the local communities in which they are situated.


Grow to Go EV ECO Centres can be established by Community Interest Companies, Community Benefit Societies, local charities, commercial entities, and local authorities

IPG is helping transition company workforces to Electric Vehicles


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